Terms for BETTER BOWLS (Better Bowls AS)

These terms apply to all sale of products and services from www.betterbowls.no to consumers. These terms together with your order, confirmed through an order confirmation, account for the total contract basis for your purchase. In order to shop at www.betterbowls.no you must be 15 years or older.

1. Parties 

The Seller is: Better Bowls AS, Doktor Holms vei 16 c, 0787 Oslo, Norway, registered in The Brønnøysund Register Centre with organisation number  923756531, e-mail address: info@betterbowls.no, and will in the following be named as «Better Bowls», «we» or «us». The Buyer is: the person specified as the buyer in the order, and will for the following be named as “you”, “your” or “yours”.

2. Order and agreement process

Your order is binding when the order is registered on our server (computer). At the same time your order is binding for us, as long as it does not deviate from what has been offered in our online shop, our marketing or in another way. At the same time you have the right to leave the order, according to Norwegian Cancellation Act, see below. When we receive your order, we will confirm your order and automatically send an order confirmation to you. Please note that the order conformation might be marked as spam in your e-mail filter. Read carefully through the order confirmation when you receive it, and check that the order confirmation is in compliance with your order. Deviations between your order and the order confirmation is regarded as new offer from us, as you can either accept or refuse. Nevertheless, you have the right to receive your original offer, as long as it is compliant with what we have offered. Exceptions might occur, see point

3. Information given through the online shop / sold out products

We strive for giving our customers as precise information about our products as possible. Mistakes might however occur, which might result in us not being able to deliver according to information given through our website, marketing or in any other way.

Sales apply as long as the goods is in our online stock or within a limited period of time.
We reserve the right to cancel your order, or parts of your order, if the products are out of stock. In situations when the product is out of stock, you will be notified, in some circumstances along with information about what we can offer you instead. You will be given the opportunity to accept our new offer along with the changes compared to your order, or the option to cancel the order.

We reserve the right to cancel orders, that are meant for resale.

4. Prices and orders to addresses outside of Norway

We have a currency converter on our website – choose the applicable one for you. The default currency is NOK (Norwegian Kroner). Please note that customs, VAT, taxes and duties are the responsibility of the customers.

We reserve the right to change prices of products involved in campaigns as such. Any changes in prices that occur after you have ordered and that are not subject errors (see below) do not have retroactive force. In the case there is any wrong information of significant impact communicated by us in advertisements and/or in our web shop that are larger than 15% of normal retail price, we can unilaterally change, delete or reject orders. This applies even though you have received your order confirmation etc. These kinds of errors must be corrected within a reasonable time frame.

Better Bowls AS sets the currency rate for NOK / EUR used to convert the price from NOK to EUR and a rounding rule is based on a standardised function. The currency rate set by our payment service provider is not something we have control over, and we cannot be held responsible if you claim that they are not reasonable.>

5. Shipping

All international shipments are sent with UPS for a shipping charge applicable to your country. You will be notified via email when your order is being handled. You can manage your delivery easily on your mobile and choose the products to be delivered at your home, work place, a different address, delayed etc. All to make it as convenient as possible for you.

6. Payments with debit/credit card

When ordering you can pay with a debit/credit card, or if based in Norway, you can pay via Vipps or Faktura. For information concerning refunds, se point 10 below concerning right of withdrawal.

7. Dispatch of your order / Delivery

Orders will be send as soon as possible and always within three business days.

8. Privacy

Better Bowls AS is responsible for the personal information you as a customer gives us. This information is used on order to give you as good service as possible and so that you can receive information and offers from us. Privacy information is treated in compliance with law concerning privacy and GDPR. 

9. Complaints
In the event that you are not satisfied with the product, based on that there is something wrong with the product (an error), you have a right to get a discount or cancel the purchase compliant with the Norwegian Cancellation Act. The deadline for making the complaint is normally 2 years after receiving the goods. In order to make you complaint valid, we must be informed within a reasonable time frame after you are aware or should have been aware of the error with the product. If you have informed us within two months after you have been made aware or should have been aware of the error, this is always within a reasonable time frame. The rules concerning complaints can be found in the Norwegian Cancellation Act. In the unlikely event of any disputes betterbowls.no will follow the decisions made by The Norwegian Consumer Disputes Commission.

10. Right of withdrawal

The consumer can, without any reason, can within 14 days after we have fulfilled our duties of informing, compliance with the Norwegian Cancellation Act, exit the agreement made with us. The deadline is 12 months after the original 14 days deadline if information regarding the right to withdrawal has not been given. The consumer must inform us if the right to withdrawal shall be used. The deadline is adhered to if the message has been sent within the deadline. There is no formal requirements to the format of the message, however it should, for evidentiary reasons, be given in writing. If the terms for the right of withdrawal are fulfilled, we are obligated to refund the purchasing amount of the product.

The cost of returning the product(s) must be covered by you, unless we have not acted in compliance with the agreement, or if we have sent a replacement product for any reason.

The right of withdrawal is only valid if the product is returned in the same conditions as when you received it, that is in the original and unharmed packaging, and the products is in unused condition. We will be able to demand a compensation if you have used or examinated the product in a way that exceeds normal and necessary examination. 

When returning products received outside Norway

The above applies, however Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) expenses will not be refunded by us.

Refund when using the right or withdrawal

Refunds are made within 30 business days after we have received the product returned.

Returning product(s) 

Betterbowls.no / co Lettbutikk AS
Postboks 220
2151 Årnes

Any additional costs related to that the products have been sent to the wrong address or in a way that does not comply with the rules right of withdrawal or complaints, will be charged you. We can charge you by reducing the amount that is to be refunded by you with an amount that covers additional costs that have occur ed. 

If you have any questions please contact us by e-mail: info@betterbowls.no

11. Wrongful use of our products

We cannot be held responsible for wrongful use of our products, as rightful usage does not lead to any health risks. The products must not under any circumstances be exposed to extreme temperatures, and must be washed/cleaned as recommended on www.betterbowls.no/faqs. If washed in any other way than recommended by us, or if there is no recommendation for your product, we cannot be held responsible in any way for the consequences in wrongful washing/cleaning.

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