The Nomad Bundle

We made this limited edition NOMAD bowl & spoon together with @nicole_thenomad – a strong woman as passionate about life and smoothie bowls as we are. And you know what? It’s full of special hidden messages! Wanna know what they are? ?

Very much like all of our lives, the NOMAD coconut bowl has two sides; one ‘polished’ and one ‘rough’. Life is never 100% polished, and that’s ok! We can’t have the ups without the downs, and we hand painted these waves on the coconut bowls & spoons to give ya a daily reminder of  just that. ♡

Life’s a nomad! It’s never constant, it has its ups and downs, and it’s all about the journey – not the destination. (bet you’ve never heard that last one before eyh…)


1x NOMAD Coconut Bowl, with hand painted waves on one side, and ‘NOMAD’ laser engraved on the other side
1x NOMAD Coconut Spoon with hand painted waves
1x Palm Tree Teaspoon (made of 100% solid brass, and a must have for your smoothie bowls!)


Nothing would make us happier than to see how you use your NOMAD bowl and spoons, so remember to tag @betterbowlsno and @nicole_thenomad in your posts and stories ♡ We can’t wait to meet you and to have some fun together!

@betterbowlsno // #betterbowls

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