IncrediBOWLS Pack of Four

They’re incredible bowls. They’re IncrediBOWLS!

IncrediBOWLS is an exclusive collection with four unique hand-carved bowls of 100% upcycled coconuts. And guess what!? They all have their own names!

Meet them all here. FashionaBOWL, PassionaBOWL, HonaraBOWL and HumBOWL – each one designed to make your home a bit more special while high-fiving the planet at the same time.


1 x PassionaBOWL Large
1 x FashionaBOWL Large
1 x HonaraBOWL Large
1 x HumBOWL Large

Material: 100% coconut shells

Size: diameter: 14-16 cm, height: 7-8 cm, volume: 700-850 ml

We’d LOVE to see your creations using our IncrediBOWLS! Make sure to use #betterbowls and tag us ♡

@betterbowlsno #betterbowls

Care instructions: hand wash all products with some soap and lukewarm water, and rub bowls with coconut oil or similar for every 10-15 use to maintain their beautiful shine and to make em’ last!



Medium-sized bowls are great for yoghurt, oatmeal, desserts, and also for salty and sweet snacks, such as olives, chips, chocolate, cookies – whatever your taste-buds desire…

Large bowls are great for smoothie bowls with lots of toppings!

Jumbo bowls are our biggest size. They’re great for those sizable meals, or for servings of fruit, chips or any kind of decoration. They’re great for salads, mexi bowls, poké bowls, and for bigger servings in general.

Diameter: 12-13 cm
Height: 5-6 cm
Volume: 300-400 ml

Diameter: 13-14 cm
Height: 6-6.5 cm
Volume: 450-650 ml

Diameter: 14-16 cm
Height: 7-8 cm
Volume: 700-850 ml


Our ‘original’ bowls are rough on the outside and smooth on the inside, while our ‘polished’ bowls are smooth on both the outside and inside. Our ‘IncrediBOWL’ collection have a little bit of both, and they also have some unique hand-carvings.  

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 23 × 13 × 7 cm
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