Coconut Bowl M Polished

• beautiful bowls made from 100% coconuts
• choose Single, Pack of Two or Pack of Four below (last one gets you more for less)

Our Coconut Bowl M Polished are handmade from 100% upcycled coconut shells, and are the most beautiful addition to any smoothie bowl, breakfast bowl or snack. Bonus? Our coconut bowls encourage you to eat healthy every day, and are the perfect way to make your home just a little more sustainable.

Oh, and if you hadn’t heard; everything tastes better from Better Bowls’ coconut bowls!

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Coconut Bowls






12-13cm / 4.7-5.1”

5-6cm / 2-2.4”

330-350ml / 11.2-11.8oz


14-15cm / 5-5.9”

6-6.5cm /2.4-2.6”

450-550ml / 15.2-18.6oz

Coconut Cups
Diameter: 10-12cm/3.9-4.7″
Height: 8cm/3.2″ 
Volume: 350-400ml/11.8-13.5oz

Coconut Candles
Diameter: 10-12cm/3.9-4.7″
Height: 8cm/3.2″
Volume: 350-400ml/11.8-13.5oz

Coconut Cutlery
20cm // 7.8″

Brass Cutlery
20cm // 7.8″

Dessert Forks & Teaspoons
15cm // 5.9″

Coconut Bowls & Cups:
100% upcycled coconut shells

Coconut Candles:
All-natural soy wax in a coconut shell

Coconut Cutlery:
100% wood from fallen coconut trees

Bamboo Straws: 
100% bamboo

Brass Cutlery & Accessories:
100% brass

We recommend washing coconut bowls by hand. As they are made of 100% nature (no additives whatsoever), the bowls may in rare occasions crack, but should be fine if not exposed to extreme temperatures. The bowls can also be rubbed with coconut oil or similar for every 10-15 use. Should your bowl ever crack, however, you will get a new one for free ♡ Read more here.

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