We are on a mission to make it easier for people to reuse – and to use as little single-use items as possible. Plastic or otherwise. The throwaway culture is deeply rooted, and we want to help change that. 


To do that, we are convinced that people will only truly embrace the reuse movement, if it is with products they feel enhance their lifestyle in some sort of way. Something visually beautiful that brings a little sparke to their everyday lives. 


Better Bowls was founded by Elise Merckoll, as the result of her long-term (slightly coco) love for smoothies, and a nerdy interest in researching eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic.

She had spent months reading about different materials, and what –  technically – happens to them after being discarded.

She was astonished to learn that most of the ‘compostable’ alternatives to single-use plastic used in the to-go segment today actually does not break down as indicated – due to a lack of the commercial composting facilities needed in order for them to do so. At least that was the case in Norway; the birth country of Better Bowls.

It was during the time shortly after having baby boy no. 2, that Elise came across the information that planted the first seed of what became Better Bowls.

She read that most coconut shells were treated as waste after being emptied for coconut water and flesh, and saw that there were already some traction for products made of coconut waste in other parts of the world. In Norway and Scandinavia, however, this seemed to be pretty much a blank canvas.

She noticed a rapidly growing interest in the health food scene in Norway, and saw a clear market gap: there were no or little alternatives to eco-friendly serving products for all these in-trend nutritious foods; that were equally beautiful and natural as their contents.

She found a producer in Vietnam, and set up a webshop shipping globally from day 1 in February 2020.

Shortly after, Better Bowls gained valuable dealerships of kitchen appliances to the B2C and B2B marked. Anine Kierulf joined as Co-Founder with previous start-up experience in Sept 2020, and as a result; Better Bowls has been able to continuously grow their offering.

Better Bowls is planning to further expand into a handful of product lines and areas within the eco-friendly/health segment, and they aim to produce and design most of their offering themselves.


All our products are part of a zero-plastic shipping and production cycle wherever possible, and we regularly donate to environmental causes close to our hearts, such as the fight against plastic pollution, deforestation and cancer research.

One Tree Planted
Hold Norge Rent
Nordic Ocean Watch

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